To arrange non-formal & formal education facilities for he children and elderly people within country and abroad.
To provide scholarship facilities to the poor students of secondary and higher secondary level.
To organize Global Food Security Campaign (GFSC) for achieving hunger free society.
To organize small farmer for undertaking minor irrigation scheme.
To serve distressed humanity by extending the scope of vocational and skill training to the jobless and disabled persons in the society.
To render poverty alleviation program by organizing development groups and supporting microcredit for income generating activities and self-employment.
To educate and motivate the people on water and sanitation to control the general diseases in the locality.
To aware the people of the effect on malnutrition, iodine deficiency and causes of general diseases.
To educate the common people on primary Health care.
To aware(eco-tourism training) the common people of environmental pollution and implement environmental protection activities.
To provide legal aid support to the destitute women

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