Global Food Security Campaign (GFSC)

During last two decade, the people of different countries have been crying for Food – a basic and first requirement for survival. At present about 925 million people in the world are hungry. For reducing this problem, the world leaders from 1947 to date have been formulating a lot of policies for reducing hunger from the world. But output is very low. In this context, we have to search a new way to fight against hunger.


Here, we have been observing a painful picture that

“when a group of people of advanced countries are enjoying luxurious life,
then 925 million people in the world are crying for food”.


This is really painful and shameful for our human life. Realizing this, CREED has been trying to organize ‘ Food Security Network in Bangladesh(FSNB)’ aimed to achieve a ‘Hunger Free’ Bangladesh. Here, our base information are that :

1.925 million people more then the population of USA ,Canada and other countries don,t have enough to eat .

2.98 per cent of the worlds hungry people living only in seven countries India, China ,DRP Congo, Bangladesh ,Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia .

3.Women make little over half of the worlds population but they account for 60 per cent of the worlds hungry people .

4.A malnourished child dies every seven second and

5.The cost of under institution to national economic development is estimated at US $20-30 billion per annum.


In the above circumstances, we are circulating our mission and vision within macro and micro level . In macro level we requesting the world leaders to take appropriate measure for achieving a ‘hunger free’ world .

On the other hand, In micro level the main activities of FSNB is to sensitize the local leaders, Social workers and also the organizer of human rights activities to undertake the following measures:

1. Everybody should realize and be respectful to global food security issues. Here, the realization area is as follows :
– By born all man is equal and have equal right to survival and have equal right to food consumption.
– On the ground of humanity, a group people can’t enjoy luxurious life within huge hungry people.
– Food at First, no war- weapon production is required for world peace.
– The war-weapon producer can’t claim himself as a human peace-keeper.
– In presence of hungry people, the war-weapon producer should be rejected and neglected in everywhere.
– ‘Access to equal consumption advantage’ can make a peaceful world only.

2. All kinds of land will be used for suitable food cultivation.

3. For rapid cultivation, the surplus agricultural labor of developing countries should have easy access to those countries- where labor is not available, but cultivable land property is huge.

4. All kinds of misuses / wastage of food items should be prohibited from the production center to consumption stage.

5. In view to maximize the protein intake, the food consumption habit is required to change for several food items.
Here it may be noted that the ‘Global Food Security Campaign (FSNB)’ is a voluntary activities of our organization. Since its inception in 2008 to date, we do not receive any donation from others.

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